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We propose you an extremely vast range of industrial markers, used to realize good quality markings, on various materials: metal, wood, glass, stone etc. The industrial mats and seals presented in this section meet the most exigent needs of the clients in the field: maximum electroinsulation, respectively superlative safety and not only. We also...

We propose you an extremely vast range of industrial markers, used to realize good quality markings, on various materials: metal, wood, glass, stone etc. The industrial mats and seals presented in this section meet the most exigent needs of the clients in the field: maximum electroinsulation, respectively superlative safety and not only. We also propose you a vast range of thermosensitive adhesive labels and temperature indicators.


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  • Industrial thermal insulation
    Industrial thermal...

    Fiberglass and ceramic materials and other thermal insulating materials, ceramic beds and paper, loose ceramic fibers, ceramic tiles, ceramic trellis, high-temperature beds, protective equipment, and more ...

    Applications in high temperature areas in the automotive, petrochemical, metallurgical, energetic industries, etc.

  • Industrial markers
    Industrial markers

    In a market in constant motion and transformation, industrial marking becomes increasingly more apparent, an activity without which intermediate stages of production in many areas can not be held in time contemplated. From automotive industry to carpentry, the extremely wide range of industrial markers covers succesfully the marking needs in almost any field.

  • Industrial seals
    Industrial seals

    Plastic or metal seals we propose you are designed and created to provide security to each objective they are attached on. With different locking systems, with serial numbers or not, they can be used in in different fields like: transportation, banks, industry, quality control, measurement and control ... and many more... Security seals are fully personalizable, easy to use and are available in a huge range of colors or types

  • Temperature measurement
    Temperature measurement

    The temperature indicators we propose are innovative and accurate and can be used with confidence in many fields. With affordable prices and very easy to use, they are available in multiple formats to meet the specific requirements of each user. Temperature indicators are the ideal choice when it comes to choosing a temperature monitoring solution that you can trust whenever you need.

  • Automotive Testing
    Automotive Testing

    The products of this Automotive Testing category are designed to fully adapt to customer-specific requirements, incorporating state-of-the-art technology to ensure vehicle performance at the highest standards, while offering safety, durability and reliability.

  • Industrial remote controls
    Industrial remote...

    Choose to operate the equipment by a remote control and not manual is much more efficient and relieve the additional effort staff.

  • Industrial computers
    Industrial computers

    Dell Latitude Rugged Industrial Computers are the safest and most robust products for harsh and dangerous environments, made especially from tested and shock resistant materials to handle these environments.

  • Abrasive discs
    Abrasive discs

    Cutting and abrasive discs are customized and are the cost effective solutions that adapt to the most complex applications of cutting and polishing.

  • Industrial printing
    Industrial printing

    Solutions for identifying reliable and innovative products using thermal inkjet technology (TIJ).

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  • Ozone generators are able to make ozone from normal air or oxygen and are normally used as room disinfectants. The antipathogenic effects of ozone have been substantiated for several decades.Its killing action upon bacteria, viruses, fungi, and in many species of protozoa, serve as the basis for its increasing use in disinfecting  municipal water supplies... Ozone generators are able to make...

  • Preferred for ease of use and applicability to almost any kind of surface, permanent ink markers are found in almost every industry, in almost any factory or warehouse. With resistant tip, durable body and permanent ink, they can be used without any problems in almost any kind of marking application. Preferred for ease of use and...

  • Plastic security seals are the perfect solution to prevent counterfeiting of products. They can have traditional or safety spiral, customs or traditional rope, self-locking system etc. They are used to seal containers, warehouses, vehicles, bags for transport values etc. Plastic security seals are the...

  • RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification or Radio Frequency Identification) seals are advanced anti-burglary systems with very good security and efficiency in operational flows. RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification...

  • The security bags that we offer protect the contents from any possible handling. On request, they can be produced at the size required by the customer. The special locking system of secured bags allows sealing with security seal with numerical series. The security bags that we offer...

  • From the arctic to the desert, emergency tank showers are effective in allenvironments where tepid water, or a constant supply of water, cannot be guaranteed. Equally, if there is insufficient water pressure, these units are essential. Our emergency safety showers, eye/face wash units and decontamination equipment provide you with a safer working... From the arctic to the desert,...

  • Solid paint markers are developed and dedicated for using the harshest industrial environments. Each of them is designed to realize quality markings, very durable and clear. The solid, quick-drying paint, of which they are produced, does not contain xylene or butoxyetanol, which has the effect of safe use in terms of user's health. They are the ideal... Solid paint markers are developed and...

  • Designed specifically for quality markings on hot steel, aluminum, rubber, even those with irregularities, solid paint markers for hot surfaces are the ideal choice when it comes to quality marking on parts with high temperatures or those that are subject to frequent temperature variations. Markings realized with these markers are visible, readable in... Designed specifically for quality...

  • Industrial special mats realize isolation against accidental leakage of electricity, eliminating the risk of electric shock or electrocution. In the range of special industrial mats there are mats made of nitrile rubber or mats made of PVC, with electrical insulating role. Their upper surface have anti-slip properties and is easy to clean, while the lower... Industrial special mats realize...

  • Recommended for any location with high traffic, where is necessary to prevent the speard of viruses, detecting people with high temperatures at the entrance in the premises. Recommended for any location with...

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