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GTS Automatizari Industriale was founded in 2008 and specializes in providing procurement services and industrial outsourcing. Our main objective is to offer the optimal and quality solutions, according to customer needs.

GTS Automatizari Industriale means a professional team in constant development with extensive experience in the field. We closely collaborate with over 1500 suppliers, so we are able to elaborate specific proposals for various demands, by combining advanced technology with good technical expertise.

Our main values are loyalty and respect for the customer. Thus, we have created strong partnerships with our clients, providing a full range of products and services, suitable for most industrial applications and beyond.

We offer the possibility to use a SINGLE provider to simplify and streamline the procurement process of your company. In this way, we contribute to the reduction of the client's costs, but also to shortening the supplying time.

We respond quickly, efficiently and responsibly to specific customer needs.


- development and implementation of solutions in the field of industrial automation
- extended service, service and warranty contracts
- possibility to test equipment before buying
- equipment replacement programs and financing solutions
- coverage throughout all the country, Republic of Moldova, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


INTEGRATION- Solutions analysis and development services / Implementation and commissioning / Integration into existing production lines or complete new lines
TRASABILITY - Production planning and management / Inventory management programs / Complete warehouse management solutions (WMS) / Inventory solutions
AUTOMATION - Switching from a manual system to an automatic, high-production system / Software for optimal pallet loading (PLP)

Everything you need - a SINGLE provider!