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We offer a comprehensive product portfolio, regardless your industry!

GTS Automatizari Industriale achieved and built unequaled relationships with production companies in nearly every industry, and an impressive portfolio of partnerships with over 1,500 manufacturers, including Sick, Lenze, Datalogic, Notrax, Creatique etc.

We understand in depth the needs and problems of our customers. During the collaboration, we minimize downtime, leading to improved productivity and energy consumption, we have the answers and support for each of these challenges. We also appreciate your handling operations complexity and need for specialized products, constantness, supportness etc.

These issues have an impact on your equipment. We offer you our support to achieve maximum efficiency in the supply chain. Similarly, we understand that the need for continuous production and fast delivery require reliable components. Environmental and economic factors mean finding the most energy efficient products. We also understand the impact of these problems on your MRO requirements through how we can apply our experience to give you the best MRO support possible.

Automotive industry

Food & beverages industry

Construction industry

Chemical industry

Metallurgic industry

Textile industry

IT Industry

Water treatment industry

Electricity industry

Electronics industry