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By managing all your general maintenance consumables, we can help generate cost, productivity and efficiency improvements across the whole procurement process.

Outsourcing the management of low cost products has several key benefits, allowing your procurement team to focus on higher value items:

  • - Improved purchasing efficiency - with fewer suppliers, orders and invoices, you free up valuable employee time
  • - Improved stock management - by rationalising stock and matching it to consumption, you achieve improved stock control and rotation, while also releasing space
  • - Productivity improvements – with freight charges decreases, you can eliminate totally all unsupervised local purchases

Forecasting and inventory management can be a difficult task, due to a variety of factors including the wide range of spares and suppliers available, and the inherently unpredictable nature of MRO spares demand.

Using a single source supplier, like GTS Automatizari Industriale, will undoubtedly streamline your ordering process, providing considerable savings in time and money to your business.