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With extensive work experience in understanding the specialized needs of business and production processes in the automotive industry, such as energy conservation, health and safety, availability, product longevity and not least operating conditions.

- Transport: we are offering a wide range of conveyors used successfully in all industries, including automotive, for: handling, transport and transfer products, packing and assembling lines, loading or unloading products from multiple lines near the equipment which packs them, pick and place systems, linear systems, chain, roller or rubber conveyor belts, conveyors for pallet transportation, bearing supports and soles for them, plastic taxiways, stainless steel or plastic chain conveyors, guides, supports for guides etc

- Markers for marking in industrial environments: marking on hard, hot, greasy metal, asphalt, brick, stone, glass, ceramics, dry or wet wood, plastic, rubber, paper, cardboard, textiles, steel, tubes, pipes. Liquid and solid paint markers, temperature indicators, welding markers, ink markers, low corrosion markers, markers for wood, etching markers, automatic pneumatic markers, pens, sticks with paint, marking aerosols, adhesives, chalk etc

- Seals: sealing various objectives: trucks, air tanker containers, container ship, train, banking and transport of high value, ATMs, courier and mail, fuel pumps, tanks, gas, water or electricity meters, storage boxes, boxes and bags of money, container shipping, water, air and land transport, bags of cement, bags of medical waste, factories, fire extinguishers, secure labels etc

- Industrial matting for dry and wet, electrical and special areas etc