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Food & beverages industry (confectionery, brewing, soft drinks, packaging etc) is highly regulated and competitive, GTS Automatizari Industriale having an extensive experience of working in this sector, helping some of the largest companies in Romania to get the total value of the supply process. We are fully aware of the need to balance your minimum cost and maximum levels of production.

We understand and appreciate the importance of the specialized needs of food & beverages industry, including hygiene, health and safety, waste costs, energy conservation, constantness and high temperature and, not least, the continuous production.

GTS Automatizari Industriale has developed a real understanding of the problem in the MRO sector, request for equipments in this domain being considerable. Thus, we created a flow of high-quality parts. With the need to manage environmental costs, the focus is more and more on the energy efficient components. Regarding this, GTS Automatizari Industriale provides not only professional expertise, but also products and support, in each of these areas.

Some of our solutions for food & beverages industry, starting from the parts to equipments and machinery are:

- Complete automation systems, industrial ovens, general automation, for technological flows, semiautomatic and manual soldering equipment using plastic foil

- print and apply equipments, packaging maschines, blenders, granulators, conveyor belts, filling dispensers

- Labeling systems

- Agitators, filling lines for liquid substances, mixing vessels

- Tableting machine

- Loading or unloading products from multiple lines near the packaging maschine

- Nozzles, spray accessories and industrial systems (hydraulic)

- Bottling lines, pick and place systems, linear systems

- Industrial markers, seals and carpets and more