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Key issues that we can solve in chemical industries (petrochemical, pharmaceutical, glass, oil, petroleum refining, packaging) are longevity of products, health and safety in hazardous and explosive environments, in humid and dusty environments, in extreme temperatures, energy conservation, use of flammable substances, hygiene. Applications are found in each industry, where there is a needed for drying, cooling, cleaning, painting, moistening, lubricating etc.

- Conveyors: we offer a wide range of conveyors used successfully in all industries for: handling, transportation and transfer of goods

- Production, bottling and packaging lines, loading or unloading products from multiple lines next to the packaginmg maschines, pick and place systems, linear systems, chain, roller, rubber conveyors, bearing supports and soles for them, plastic taxiways, stainless steel or plastic chain conveyors, guides, supports for guides etc

- Industrial spray technologies: range of nozzles, spray accessories and industrial systems, injection, dust elimination, liquid cooling systems, maintaining hygienic environment

- Markers, seals and industrial carpets, heat-sensitive labels, sensors etc