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- Power generation from coal: the product range we offer for the electricity generation industry includes: bearings, process clacks, spherical roller bearings, couplings, corrosion-resistant chains, gaskets, seals, high efficiency motors (EFF1)

- Nuclear generators: the industry being highly regulated, with major challenges, there is a demand for the use of high quality, certified components. MRO products we supply for the production of nuclear power include: clacks, gaskets, disc couplings, seals, bearings, motors with high efficiency (EFF1), gearboxes (equiped with EFF1 motor)

- Industrial spray technologies: we offer a wide range of nozzles, accessories and industrial systems for spray technolgies. Applications are found in each industry, where drying, cooling, cleaning, painting, moistening, lubricating are needed

- Automation for wind farms and solar: we provide access to renewable energy systems such as wind turbines and photovoltaic panels: configuration of wind and photovoltaic turbines, photovoltaic and wind installation systems for energy production, solar panels, wind turbines, wind and solar instalations automations