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Privacy policy

Changes to the document

This Information on the processing of personal data is regularly updated; whenever we make a change, we will display it on our site www.gts-automatizari.ro and we will let you know. Date of last update: December 2018

How to use this information

In this information, we explain how we process, collect and protect your personal data when you use our products and services, as well as our website.

Who we are

GTS Automatizari is a Romanian legal entity, having as main activity the wholesale activity of products and services in the field of industrial automation. In this Information on Personal Data Processing:

  • "us / ours" means GTS Automation;
  • "third party" means someone other than us or you

GTS Automatizari has its headquarters in Bucharest, Borsa Street, no. 50, bl. 4D, sc.1, ap. 34, sector 1 and is registered with the Trade Register Office of the Bucharest Tribunal. Our telephone number is 021-2557174 or you can send us an e-mail using the assistance form on our website www.gts-automatizari.ro.

How can you contact us?

If you have any questions about the Personal Data Processing Information, you may send us an email at juridic@gts-automatizari.ro, contacting the Data Protection Officer, or by post or courier at Drumul Garii Otopeni Street, no. . 38-44, Otopeni, Ilfov, Romania, putting your correspondence in the attention of the Data Protection Officer.

Our Principles

SC GTS Automatizari SRL is committed to respecting your private life. We take seriously data protection, security and compliance with privacy and privacy laws. We have also included our main Data Protection Commitments on our website www.gts-automatizari.ro. We aim to put these commitments at the center of everything we do.

The basics

The personal data we collect about you. The information we collect about you and the way we collect it may vary depending on the products and services you use and subscribe to, the way you have used the products and services and how you interacted with SC GTS Automatizari SRL even if you are not a customer, or what we obtained from a third party that was allowed to exchange information with us. You can find data protection completions for all our products and services in our Products and Services section and data protection on our website www.gts-automatizari.ro. SC GTS Automatizari SRL will process your personal data based on the following:

  1. Legitimate commercial interests of SC GTS Automatizari SRL, for example, fraud prevention, maintaining our network and services security, direct marketing, remarketing, and improving our services. Whenever we rely on this legal basis to process your data, we evaluate our commercial interests to ensure that they do not override your rights. In addition, in some cases you have the right to oppose this processing. For more information, please refer to your Rights section of this information.
  2. Compliance with an imperative legal requirement, including, for example, accounting and tax requirements that are subject to strict internal policies (such as retention periods), procedures, and your right to restrict the use of your own data that controls the subject of the service the legal assistance to be provided; or
  3. The consent you grant when SC GTS Automatizari SRL is not based on any other legal basis. Consent can be withdrawn at any time.

We collect your personal data when, for example:

  • Will subscribe to newsletter (newsletter) or other services offered by us;
  • Contact us through different channels, or ask us for information about a product or service;
  • Visit or browse our website or other partner sites SC GTS Automatizari SRL;
  • When your personal information is public; or
  • You are the customer of a commercial activity we buy.

We use cookies (small text files stored in your browser). For further details and how to choose to opt-out, please see the Cookies section on our GTS Automatizari website www.gts-automatizari.ro. The types of information we can have are, if applicable:

  • Name and e-mail address
  • Your online traffic data. We believe that this data is part of the online service rendering to you;
  • Your contact with us, such as a note sent by mail or multimedia channels, or a call you made to one of our employees, or a transmitted letter or other evidence of contact with us;
  • See the Cookies section for details on what we collect using cookies and other technologies, including creative data.

How we use your personal information

We will use your personal data for the following purposes:
 We use analyzes to:

  • Market research and research and statistical analysis, including monitoring how customers use our networks, products and services anonymously or personally;
  • Providing reports to third parties (these reports do not contain information that can identify you as a natural person). These may be provided to third parties, such as content providers and advertisers, or in the Analysis work performed by SC GTS Automatizari SRL.

The way we share personal data, if any, we share information about you with:

  • Companies from the SC GTS Automatizari SRL partner group;
  • Partners or agents involved in delivering the products and services you have ordered or used;
  • Companies contracted to provide services for or on behalf of SC GTS Automatizari SRL;
  • Law enforcement agencies, governmental bodies, regulators, courts or other public authorities if we have this legal obligation or are authorized by law;
  • A third party or an authority when disclosure is required to comply with any applicable law or other legal or regulatory requirement;
  • Third parties for joint promotions with that third party. They will be responsible for complying with the applicable data protection laws;
  • Other third parties, when you have given their consent for disclosure for purposes of authentication and fraud prevention.

Fraud Management and Law Enforcement

  • We will disclose information if this is justified in order to protect us against fraud, protect our rights or property, or protect the interests of our clients.
  • We may also need to disclose your information in order to comply with the legal obligation to respond to the legal requests of the authorities. Your personal data will be communicated only when we believe in good faith that we have an obligation to do so in accordance with the law and on the basis of an exhaustive assessment of all legal requirements.

International data transfers

Currently, our data is stored in our locations in Romania. It may be necessary to transfer your information to other companies in the SC GTS Automatizari SRL partners group or service providers from countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). The EEA is made up of the countries of the European Union, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway: they are considered to have equivalent laws in terms of data protection and privacy. This type of data transfer can occur if our servers (or the place where we store the data) or our suppliers and service providers are located outside the EEA, or if you use our services and products while visiting countries outside of this space. If SC GTS Automatizari SRL transmits your information to a country outside the EEA, we will ensure that your information is properly protected. We will always ensure that there is an appropriate legal contract covering the transfer of data in accordance with the standards approved by the European Commission (https://ec.europa.eu/info/law/law-topic/data-protection/data-transfers-outside-eu/model-contracts-transferpersonal-data-third-countries_en).  In addition, if the country is deemed to have no laws equivalent to EU data protection standards, then we will require the third party to conclude a legal contract that reflects these standards.

The length of time that your personal data is stored

We will store your information as long as we are required by law. If there is no legal requirement, we will only store them as long as necessary. Unless the law otherwise provides, we will usually process your data for a period of ten years.

Safe keeping your personal data

We have specialized security teams that constantly analyze and improve the measures we have adopted to protect your personal data against any unauthorized access, accidental loss, disclosure or destruction. Internet communications (such as emails) are not secure unless they are encrypted. Your communications may cross several countries before being sent, as this is the nature of the Internet. We can not accept responsibility for any unauthorized access or loss of personal data that is beyond our control. We will never ask you to communicate your secure, personal or account information by an unsolicited means of communication. Respond to keeping your personal and account information secure and not communicating to others. Our website may contain links to third-party websites. We are not responsible for the security and content of those third-party sites. So be sure to read that company's data protection policy and cookies before using or putting personal information on their site. The same applies to any third-party sites or content that you connect to using our products and services. You can choose to disclose your data in certain ways such as social networking plug-ins (including those provided by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube), or by using third-party services that allow you to post publically. a third party may use that information. Social networking plug-ins and social networking applications are even run by the social networking site and respect the usage conditions and policies of those networks on data protection and cookies. You have to make sure you know them.

Your Rights

Right to rectify personal data

You have the right to rectify the data held in connection with you, if they are incorrect. If the data we hold about you needs to be updated or if you believe it may be incorrect, you may log in to your account to update it or contact our team by mail at office@gts-automatizari.ro .

Right of access to personal data

You have the right to request a copy of the personal data that SC GTS Automatizari SRL owns in connection with you. To make this request as a natural person or third party, please use the on-site support form our, www.gts-automatizari.ro. As an alternative, you can contact us by mail at office@gts-automatizari.ro.

The right to data portability

You have the right to be able to take with you your own data that you have communicated to us under certain circumstances. For example, SC GTS Automatizari SRL ensures that you can take the data by allowing you to download the invoices in the format you choose. For this, you must contact us at office@gts-automatizari.ro.

Right of opposition to the use of personal data

Under certain circumstances, you have the right to oppose the processing by GTS Automatizari SRL of your personal data.

To stop receiving marketing messages:

If you do not want to receive marketing messages from SC GTS Automatizari SRL regarding our services and products and / or our partners, you can opt out of all marketing communications or just selected methods (e-mail, SMS, MMS , phone or post). There are various ways to opt out of receiving marketing messages:

  • Log in to the site, the Privacy Policy section of the footer, where you can opt out or subscribe to personalized marketing;
  • Contact the GTS Automatizari team at 021-255 71 74;
  • Send an email to office@gts-automatizari.ro for instructions;
  • Click the link at the end of an email or marketing text to unsubscribe;
  • Tell the consultant if you receive a marketing call;
  • Send an e-mail using the help form on our website, www.gts-automatizari.ro.

If you opt out of marketing messages, it does not mean you will not receive any more messages about products and services. You will still receive them (unless otherwise indicated). To discard the marketing messages of other partner companies SC GTS Automatizari SRL, please contact them directly.

To manage cookies and a better understanding of what they are:

Do you want to disable a cookie or understand more about its nature? See the Cookies section on our website www.gts-automatizari.ro, present in footer, for full details on this.

To object to other processing performed on our legitimate interests:

Please contact our team at 021-255 71 74 or send us an e-mail using the help form on our website www.gts-automatizari.ro.

How to Submit a Complaint

If you would like to contact us for any of your rights or to make a complaint about the way we use your personal information, please contact our team by phone or email us using the form assistance from our site, www.gts-automatizari.ro. We will do our best to help you, but if you continue to be unsatisfied, you can contact the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing - contact details can be found at www.dataprotection.ro.

The right to restrict the use of your personal data If you believe that the data we hold about you is incorrect or you think we should not process your data, please contact our team for a discussion about your rights. Under certain circumstances, you will have the right to ask us to restrict the processing.

The right to delete

SC GTS Automatizari SRL aims to process and store your data only as long as it is necessary. Under certain circumstances, you have the right to ask us to delete your personal data that we own. For more information on retention periods, see the Retention Date section of your personal data.