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COLD ADHESIVE industrial adhesives

Water-based industrial adhesives

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Industrial adhesives are innovative water-based products used for paper packaging, laminating, labeling, building blocks, our water-based adhesives that serve a wide range of markets.



  • based on vinyl starches
  • based on high plasticization vinyl homopolymers
  • based on medium plasticization vinyl homopolymers
  • based on non-plasticized homopolymers
  • based on natural and synthetic latexes
  • based on ethylene and acrylic copolymers


  • Rolling

Due to environmental concerns, adhesives are becoming increasingly popular as a replacement for solvent-based products. Water-based adhesives are environmentally safe and contain zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs); In addition, they can be used for the manufacture of even the most complex laminates. Our water-based adhesives are used in a variety of applications.

  • Binding

High-quality adhesives for bookbinding (Hard books, hardcover, magazines, block notes, encyclopedias, catalogs), ideal for gluing the heel, cover, and side, which guarantees excellent performance at high production speeds, both on fast automatic systems, as well as for manual applications.

  • Labeling

The water-based adhesive for labeling is versatile and is compatible with a wide range of surfaces, including PET, glass and even coated glass.

This water-based adhesive used in labeling applications is non-toxic, non-flammable and environmentally safe, making it perfect for beverage labeling operations. It has excellent resistance to heat and cold and is easy to use with any high-speed labeling equipment.

This premium product has an amazing price at which volume reductions can be applied. Contact us for questions, free samples or to discuss any part of your labeling application.


  • Adherence on all types of substrates
  • Long processing time
  • High resistance to page breakage
  • Resistance to high and low temperatures

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