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New from Cognex, the 3D-A5000 series for difficult 3D vision applications!

New from Cognex, the 3D-A5000 series for difficult 3D vision applications!

Cognex’s 3D-A5000 series is a factory-calibrated, IP65-rated area scan 3D camera designed to capture high-resolution 3D images. The 3D-A5000 features patent-pending 3D LightBurst™ technology which rapidly acquires images to maximize throughput. High-resolution 3D images combined with industry-leading Cognex 3D vision tools enable reliable and accurate solutions to applications such as assembly verification, in-line measurement, and robotic guidance. The 3D-A5000 offers a variety of fields of view and measurement ranges to accommodate applications in the automotive, consumer goods, and logistics industries.


- Patent-pending 3D LightBurst technology enables rapid image acquisition

- More than 1.5 million 3D data points detect fine features on parts

- High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode captures scenes with high contrast

- Powerful, industry proven VisionPro® 3D tools solve challenging 3D applications

- Factory calibration delivers accurate measurement results in real-world units

- Rugged IP65-rated housing provides protection in harsh factory environments

Completes more 3D inspections in less time

The 3D-A5000 features patent-pending 3D LightBurst technology which casts a unique blue light pattern on a part to acquire high-resolution 3D images at an unparalleled speed. It delivers a full field-of-view (FOV) 3D point cloud image as fast as 100 milliseconds, allowing higher throughput and shorter cycle times for time-critical in-line applications.

Delivers accurate, repeatable 3D vision inspection results

The 3D-A5000 delivers high-resolution 3D point cloud images constructed from over 1.5 million 3D data points. These high-resolution images coupled with a powerful Cognex 3D toolset in VisionPro, including PatMax 3D™, allow the 3D-A5000 to solve a wide range of applications from assembly verification to in-line measurement and robotic guidance.

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