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From the arctic to the desert, emergency tank showers are effective in allenvironments where tepid water, or a constant supply of water, cannot be guaranteed. Equally, if there is insufficient water pressure, these units are essential.

Our emergency safety showers, eye/face wash units and decontamination equipment provide you with a safer working environment, greater protection against serious injury and peace of mind that you’re compliant with crucial safety standards.

Whatever the demands of your industry or environment, we can find a safety shower and eye/face wash products from our large gamma to fit your exact requirements. Please ask for a proposal, we will be glad to help you.

Designed for hot climates. The power of the sun can heat standing water within the pipes to temperatures as high as 50C.

These models feature a self-draining valve to release potentially scalding water from the standpipe to avoid further shock or injury to the casualty.


  • Meets ANSI and EU standards
  • Available with stainless steel or galvanised mild steel pipework
  • Suitable for hot climates

Product description

Floor mounted shower designed for hot climates. Also available with stainless steel eye/face wash unit.

Product features

  • Delivers the ANSI recommended 76 litres of potable water from the shower. 12 litres per minute to the eye/face wash unit for the model with this option.
  • Fast, easy grip pull-handle activation for ease of use
  • Eye/face wash activation via the push plate, the shower is operated using the pull handle


These high-quality products are used in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, offshore, manufacturing and agriculture. They’re the first line of defence in the event of an accidental splash or spillage on site. Using them, you can quickly wash off potentially hazardous substances.

Without them, you could risk serious injury, permanent disability or even death.

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