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Discover the wide range of industrial mats NOTRAX!

Discover the wide range of industrial mats NOTRAX!

Fireproof and antibacterial, ESD (they absorb static electricity and avoid electrostatic discharges) or resistant to industrial oils / aggressive chemical substances / extreme temperatures, the Notrax industrial mats are produced to be used in the most varied field of activities: automotive, logistics, retail, food, pharma, in houses etc.

They are made of very good quality materials (100% nitrite rubber), which meet specific criteria of durability, comfort or safety, have anti stress characteristics and represent a good solution for cable management or dust control.

Basic characteristics of Notrax industrial mats:

- Special resistance and durability

- They offer comfort and safety

- Resistant to slipping, equipped with anti slipping support RedStop™

- They offer insulation against coldness, vibrations and noise

- Created to resist to fire and heat

- Created to resist without problems to industrial oils and aggressive chemical substances

- Some of the models of mats have beveled edges to prevent tripping

- Some of the models absorb static electricity, avoiding electrostatic discharges and protecting equipments

- Some of the models have drainage holes which insure ventilation, allowing different scraps to fall leaving a dry and clean superior surface

- The products are also available in versions with yellow edges, according to the standard OSHA 1910-144

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