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Traceability - an important element in the safety of parts and products

Traceability - an important element in the safety of parts and products

Many companies with various business areas use the invisible or covert markings for traceability and quality control. Ultraviolet (UV) codes are printed with UV ink and are visible to the human eye only when a UV light source is present. A UV code that contains QA results or a serial number can be printed on the product or on the packaging without affecting its design. Whether they are on automotive warning labels needed for a or high-end salon products checked for authenticity, UV codes are emerging as a popular new tool in tracking and traceability.

The MX-1502 UV vision-enabled mobile terminal leverages the latest mobile devices for your industrial barcode reading applications. Using a UV lighting module and lens filter, the MX-1502 UV illuminates invisible codes and quickly decodes them using Cognex’s high performance decoding algorithms.


- The design of the MX-1502 makes any accepted mobile device ready to handle all of the challenges in the most demanding industrial environments

- The IP65-rated housing withstands the harshest environments and the inductive wireless charging eliminates exposed electrical contacts that can wear out or fail
- The MX Platform is compatible with a variety of Android® and iOS® smartphones
- The MX-1502 UV is equipped with 1D and 2D bar code readers on labels or directly marked with UV ink
- Uses the latest communications technologies, including 3G, 4G, 4G LTE Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more

Only way to protect end-users from the harmful effects that can appear from the presence of contaminated products on the market is TRACEABILITY.

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