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Mats for safety and fatigue for industrial and commercial applications

Mats for safety and fatigue for industrial and commercial applications

As manufacturing industries and processes evolve, safety and fatigue mats are constantly being developed through new techniques and technologies, ideas and design, to meet the ever-changing needs.

Robust design and material composition make Notrax industrial mats the most versatile and safe industrial floor solution, to relieve fatigue, both in static and dynamic working positions in most industries.

There are good reasons to show that reducing fatigue also reduces the possibility of accidents and improves the overall efficiency of operators.

Industrial mats prevent accidents and protect floors


1. Are ergonomic, offer comfort, durability, safety and, at the same time, slip resistance (1 of 6 accidents at work is related to slip or fall, which means days lost through medical recovery).

2. In many industries and areas, employees are required to work on their feet and handle different tasks. Industrial mats can significantly improve the productivity and satisfaction of the operators while reducing absenteeism and the diseases related to the standing position for a long time.

3. Respond even in the case of the strictest work demands and special applications in the production or storage areas, by: oil resistance, fire resistance, chemical resistance, static dissipative protection or anti-microbial qualities.

4. Have either woven safety edges, yellow safety edges or both, or diamond-like surfaces that help prevent slip and fall accidents, ensuring a safe movement in wet or slippery areas.

5. Have non-conductive qualities and are used to isolate and protect operators against shocks created by high voltage equipment.