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UVC disinfection solutions: air and surface

Recommended for any location that wants to have naturally disinfected air and surfaces and that wants to reduce bacteria, viruses and other contaminations.

Solutions for: offices, factories, hospitals and health facilities, food and beverage processing areas, against mold, in residential and commercial areas, laboratories to prevent cross-contamination, schools, libraries and homes, etc.

UV-C light has a wavelength between 100 -280 nm, but the most efficient wavelength for decontamination is between 250-260 nm, ideally 254Nm.

Effect of UV light at 254 nm wavelength:

Photochemical destruction of the DNA of microorganisms by absorption of UV light

Stopping the reproductive process of microorganisms, deactivating them

Research has shown that Corona viruses are sensitive to UVC light. Our UV-C equipment is CE certified and comes from manufacturers with 15-25 years of experience in the field.

Any of the equipment is tested by independent organizations, the tests are available on request.


Description: UVC decontamination solutions for air and surfaces.

For use in the absence of staff.

Depending on the needs we have a wide range of solutions:

- UVC solutions for air decontamination and moving surfaces

- UVC air decontamination solutions and portable surfaces

UVC efficiency = power in Watts at 254 Nm / surface time. Thus, in order to obtain the same results with a lower power lamp, the exposure time is increased.

Also, UVC lamps must be moved to different points of the rooms in order to obtain the best possible surface coverage.


  • wide range of mobile or portable solutions UVC power at 254 Nm varied, depending on needs and space
  • disinfection for viruses and bacteria up to 99.999% safe decontamination, without the addition of chemicals,
  • also suitable for areas with sensitive / allergic people disinfection is performed in the absence of staff or protective equipment


  • laboratories
  • schools/kindergarten
  • hotels
  • receptions
  • shops
  • banks
  • malls
  • offices
  • restaurants etc

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