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Insulating boards

Insulating boards are nontoxic and biodegradable


Insulating boards are nontoxic and biodegradable, they act as both thermal and electrical insulators for high temperatures in the industrial area.

  •     Insulating sheets are made of mineral and ceramic fibers
  •     They are resistant to very high temperatures up to 1250 ° C

  •     The industrial applications of these boards are: aluminum, aluminum, iron and steel production, insulation of gas and oil burners, insulation of industrial furnaces of all kinds, ceramic and glass production
  •     They are especially used in the metallurgical and glass industry or for the lining of industrial furnaces, for the manufacture of fire resistant doors and in the field of electrical equipment

  •     Reduce heat loss up to 20-25%
  •     They bring important energy savings
  •     Reduces the feeling of cold flooring
  •     It provides resistance to mechanical shocks, absorbs noise and soundproofs
  •     Easy to install and secure for removing thermal bridges

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