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Ultrasonic electronic nebulizer for rooms and vehicles

The purifying molecules of the disinfectant, nebulized by the ultrasonic device, saturate the air and spread evenly on all surfaces in the room (tables, curtains, sofa, vertical surfaces, furniture) or in car interiors (seats, car carpets, dashboards, components of the A / C system) that provide an efficient purification action.


  • Ultrasonic electronic nebulizer that spreads disinfectant liquid for nebulization in the ambient air as well as in the A / C system
  • Volume: 500 ml / h.
  • Disinfects 34 m3 / h
  • It can also be connected to the 12V car socket for disinfecting interiors (eg ambulances, personal transport cars, buses, etc.)
  • To be used in the absence of people, the room/vehicle must be ventilated 5 minutes after use

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