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UVC solutions for HVAC disinfection

The air disinfection unit has been developed especially for versatility in a range of areas of application.

It is a system developed for installation in air-conditioning and ventilation systems. This system can be planned into future ventilation systems or retrofitted in existing systems.

How does UVC light work?

  • UV-C light at an optimal wavelength of 253.7nm penetrates the cell wall of the micro-organism
  • The high energy photons of the UV-C light are absorbed by the cell proteins and DNA / RNA
  • UV-C damages the protein structure causing metabolic disruption
  • DNA is chemically altered so organisms can no longer replicate
  • Organisms are unable to metabolize and replicate. They cannot cause disease or spoilage


Air contains many substances, such as nitrogen and oxygen, dust, exhaust gases and micro-organisms such as bacteria,  yeasts, fungi and their spores. The latter are key factors in the contamination and use air as their transport medium.

The reduction of airborne germs in rooms, therefore, plays a key part in cleanroom environments and food processing where it is used to lengthen the shelf life of all kinds of products and maintain their quality.

The air duct module is made of galvanized sheet metal or, optionally,  stainless steel. The main element is a  UV-C chamber, the dimensions of which can be adapted exactly to the existing or planned ventilation channels. The high output, UV-C, low-pressure emitters located in the chamber emit light with a  wavelength of 253.7 nm and produce no ozone. When air is routed past them, this  UV-C has a lethal effect on microorganisms.

Each module is tailored to the specific requirements of the project.



600 - 2,500 mm


300 - 2,000 mm


300 - 2,000 mm

Supply voltage

240 V single phase 50hz

Number of UV-C emitters

Maximum pieces - 80 - 55w, 60w, 95w (compact)

Emitter service life

8,000 hours

Protection class

IP 20 or IP 65


Galvanised or optional stainless steel


Covering various types of dry surfaces, in industrial environments:

  • hotels
  • receptions
  • shops
  • banks
  • restaurants
  • schools
  • kindergarten
  • offices
  • factories / production units
  • etc

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